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"As a photographer, I seek those things, places or people that tell a story. I do not allow technical intervention to ruin an opportunity to catch a shot of significance. With experience and know how, I enjoy seeing the vast amount of possibilities in the world of photography."


Being a photographer takes a lot of drive. The only way I have found a small measure of success has been to let my interests guide my work rather than what sells. My job is to play at what I would be doing even if I wasn't working. "The excitement of the capture and the creation of a memorable moment in time is the thrill and the blessing that photography brings. Within those moments are opportunities for thought, remembrances of places, smells, feelings and more. Relying on the sight of my eyes through a small lens, finding that special moment that is captured for a lifetime, has always been my passion.


Food Photography

Turn your photography of food into a beautiful piece of art

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Black Splash

How do you photography product dropped into water with a black backgroud?

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Strawberry Splash

Ever wonder how they photograph fruit dropping into water?

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Winter Trees

Photographing Lone Trees in Winter can Lead to Amazing Works of Art

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Get Close

Get in Close to Create Dynamic Portraits

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Photographing Your Pet

Shallow Depth of Field to bring out the Emotion in your Pets

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Concert Photography

Welcome to What I Consider to be the Hardest of all Photography

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Using Gels to Light Products

Use Gels to light your product to make it POP!

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J Michael Photography has been nominated as one of the "Best" photographers in the Fort Wayne area. Read more about the Fort Wayne Summit Awards and vote.

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We do not just photograph models. J Michael Photography has the desire and knowledge to photograph many of the areas that you need.

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If you have any questions for us or wish to express your gratitude if you have worked with J Michael please contact us and let us know.

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I have been published in some local and soon to be international publications. Please check back for updated press releases and news stories.

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I have gotten to where I am today from following many other professional photographers and continuing my education both through seminars and internet.

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A lot of girls come to me with the desire of becoming a model. I want to express that J Michael Photography cannot make you a professional model but....

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