Say Yes to a MUA
Client: Amy Colvin     Photography: J Michael
Makeup Artist: Natalie Pohorecki     Model: Lauren

MUA (Make Up Artist) will only enhance your photoshoot experience

If you’re going to trouble to have professional pictures done, then why not have professionals help you look your very best? But choose a hairstylist and makeup artist you have worked with in the past. We want you to still look like “you”!

Makeup Artist

If you would like, I know a professional makeup artist that charges $150 that will come to the shoot and make you look wonderful. Come with a clean face and your hair done (they will fluff). Make-up artists really know how to handle make up in the un-natural bright lights of the photo studio.


Come to the shoot mostly made up. Bring plenty of makeup with you for touch up. You will also need to use and unusual large amount of power (any kind of shine on the skin creates a white shinny picture- makeup artists always put on way more than a natural amount- looks weird in person but it looks great in photos).

Counter Makeup

Another option to getting a makeup artist- is setting up an appointment with a MAC counter. They charge $50 bucks and don't care if you purchase anything- but I recommend you purchase/use a lipstick and powder that you can bring with you to freshen up your make up. They do a great job. Let them know that it is for a photo shoot and they will adjust the amount they put on your for that task.


Remove hair from under arms and legs and anywhere else that might be seen when unwanted prior to photo session.

Stay out of the sun. Do not suntan two weeks before the shoot. Your skin may dry out, turn red, become uneven or irritated. If you absolutely cannot live without a beach, use as much sun screen as possible.

Do not experiment with new skin products before the shoot. It can cause skin irritation, discoloration or allergic reaction, effectively ruining the photo shoot.


Fingernails should be moderate length and well manicured. Avoid vibrant or dark colours. Use light neutral color manicure for findernals and toenails


Use a lash groomer to smooth brows into place for a defined shape and to prepare before tweezing, trimming or applying makeup. Tweeze brows. Trim brows if needed.

Get plenty of sleep to avoid puffy eyes. No amount of makeup can fix this.

Use Visine if necessary to minimize the appearance of blood vessels. Consult with your family doctor before using it!

Model's Makeup/Nail Kit

Here are some items you may want to add to your model's bag. Not all items are required, but it is useful to have a reference. You may think of other items not listed here. Bring anything you find useful.

  • Eye Liner
  • Matt finish/powder
  • Maekup remover
  • Small mirror
  • Concealer in flesh tones
  • Travel size nail kit
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Loose transparent face powder
  • Lip pencil (nude or skin color)
  • Lipsticks and lip pencils
  • Pencil sharpner
  • Moisturiser
  • Cotton balls and cotton swabs

And finally...Practice!

Spend a lot of time in front of the mirror. Try different poses; different facial expressions. Flip through magazines to see which poses you like and try them. Memorize successful poses and facial expressions; make sure you can quickly "recall" them without thinking. Your muscles should memorize it, not only your brain! It is like walking, you don't think how to move your legs, it just happens. It is in your muscle memory. Make sure you know how to make an attractive smile; no gums, no squinting. You should know how to make several common facial expressions and back it up with your body language. Do it when you are alone, turn off your TV or music. Yes, turn it off! Do not try all poses in one day; one at the time is much better. Repeat previous achievements at the end of every mirror practice. Practice with different outfits, not all poses can be used in every situation.





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