International Wedding Photographer

You’ve spent a lifetime dreaming of your special day. You’ve poured yourself into searching for just the right venue and the perfect dress.

You’ve dreamt of what it will be like to walk down the aisle and hear the whispers of how beautiful you look. You’ve imagined how your guy will barely be able to contain himself as he sees you coming toward him. Dreams of seeing the images captured from your photographer.

And this moment, a lifetime in the making, will be captured for all eternity in a single instant. Long after the declaration and kiss. After the reception music fades and you have long forgotten what that cake tasted like, you will have your wedding photography.

Let’s face it; picking a wedding photographer is almost an afterthought for most couples. And yet, your photographers images are the lasting memories of your wedding day 25 years from now, what you remember from your wedding day will be based in large part on the work from your wedding photographer. Don’t trust them to just any photographer.

As a Professional Photographer I’ve been capturing the style and essence of wedding photography for Fort Wayne, IN couples for over 6 years. Memories that go beyond generic photography to works of art you will cherish for a lifetime.

Wedding photography is booked after a sit down consultation. It’s my belief that each couple deserves my full attention the entire day. Call or email today to schedule a no obligation photography consultation. Because your wedding photography is forever.

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